Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Singing Bowls for Health

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Ryan Sarnataro (sarn – a – tar – o)

Ryan is the founder of Best Singing Bowls which is devoted to bringing high quality antique singing bowls back from the Himalayas. Ryan first encountered Tibetan style singing bowls in the early 1980s and was captivated by their sounds as well as the wisdom culture behind their creation. For many years Ryan was simply a collector of singing bowls and student of Buddhism. In that time he developed an acute ear, hearing very deeply into the sounds of bells and bowls. A decade ago, after realizing the seemingly inexhaustible supply of old bowls was running out, he decided to start a business focused on antiquity and sound. Ryan has traveled throughout Tibet, Nepal and Northern India and rings tens of thousands of singing bowls on a typical journey.

Natural Food & Healing

Ryan has a long history of study and professional activity in the areas of natural foods and the healing arts. He has always managed to combine personal interest with his vocation which is a great formula for a broad education. In the natural products industry he has worked to establish co-operatives, develop products, design production facilities and establish distribution channels both in the US and in the developing world. Ryan helped start one of the first wheatgrass juice companies, brought the first soymilk to California from Japan and helped found Maggie’s one of the first organic cotton clothing companies. He has been a promoter of organic and non-GMO agriculture and has interfaced with both the FDA and USDA on policy.

The Healing Arts

 In the healing arts, Ryan has deep experience with nutrition and supplements along with various bodywork modalities. Over the decades he’s watched as knowledge has expanded and changed the paths to achieving optimal health. Ryan has worked with natural vision improvement, sports injury recovery and designed exercise and resistance training programs for people with paralysis due to spinal injuries.

Discussing Various Aspects of Singing Bowls 

  • History
  • Uses for health
  • Hammered verses casted
  • Psychological
  • Frequency
  • Different types
  • How to play them 
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  1. Thank you for sharing the story of singin bowls, it would be lovely to hear them. I have been looking around your interesting site. I love the GMO free.

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  3. Let us know when the Best Singing Bowls (Ryan Sarnataro) podcast from 9/9 link is live. Thank You!