Thursday, September 29, 2016

It's All About Crystals

This Friday September 30, 2016 join me via Haggie Shack RadioWolf Spirit Radio from 6 pm - 8 pm central for an energizing podcast. Remember if you miss it you can always check it out on the website's "Podcasts" page, subscribe to the YouTube channel or just listen on YouTube.

                            Hank Mason

Hank is a retired US Air Force Rescue Helicopter Pilot.  He is a certified Graduate Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of American.

 Hank  is the Founder of Crystal Vaults, a metaphysical crystal  Web site with over 10 million annual visitors.  The Crystal Vaults Web site hosts the Crystal Metaphysical Encyclopedia and the Crystal Reference Guide along with many more informative guides to using crystals.  The Crystal Vaults also lists many thousands of crystals for sale with hundreds added each week.  

Hank is also the founder of the Crystal Inner Circle. This is a new web-based community devoted to teaching the uses of crystals.  It has over a dozen focused crystals communities with blogs, forums, video and print libraries, and chats.  While it is a paid Web site (no advertising) a two week free trial is available to everyone. The Communities there cover about every conceivable metaphysical use of crystals.

Hank is the author of two crystal books: " The Seven Secrets of Crystal Talismans", 2009 Llewellyn Worldwide, and "Crystal Grids, How to Combine Crystal Energies” 2016 LLewellyn Worldwide. 

The Facebook page for Crystal Vaults is at

Topics of Discussion

  • Does the Shape of the Crystal Matter?
  • What's the difference between Raw & Polished?
  • The Color of Crystals and How We can Use Them
  • Creating Elixirs with Crystals 
  • Creating Grids with Crystals for Various Purposes
  • Best Crystals for Beginners
  • Cleansing Crystals
  • Programming Crystals
  • Energizing Crystals 
  • and more
Do you use crystals for issues in your life? Have a question, but can't make the podcast? If you have a question about crystals feel free to post it in the comments and I will ask Hank. You can then listen for on the website or YouTube.

It is with great regret that October 2016 will be my last month for doing the podcasts. My focus at this time is on the Heavenly Bodies products. I am currently enrolled in a course to learn more about creating organic skin care products and receiving certification. It has been great, but all things must come to an end however, I don't totally plan on leaving the world of podcasting, I will be back. 

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