Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Spiritual Healing

I first saw Micheila on YouTube and couldn't even tell you what I was searching for at the time. After watching one I was hooked and continued watching, then I started stalking following her on Facebook were she posts any channels she feels will benefit others. I have never been into those who can channel, but Micheila is different and I could feel her genuine energy radiating through her videos and posts on Facebook. When I contacted her to do the 4th Sunday podcast I wasn't sure she would say yes because she is so busy, but she did!!! I'm very excited to have her as my guest on the 4th Sunday of the month ODD podcast this Sunday June 26, 2016 from 3 pm - 5 pm central via Wolfspirit Radio.

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Micheila Sheldan

Micheila Sheldan serves as Executive Director of Flower of Life Center. In this capacity, she works closely with members and committees to evolve consciousness through many vehicles that promote positive growth and change. Micheila was drawn to Flower of Life as a member on a quest for resources and support from like-minded individuals. A mother of two, she became increasingly concerned about her children’s health in regard to toxins in our food, air, water and soil. This concern fuelled her research into issues such as GMO foods, water fluoridation, chem trails and equally harmful practices. At the same time, she became passionate about holistic health and well being as a result of overcoming chronic pain in her own life through a combination of diet, exercise, spiritual practices and Eastern medicine philosophies. Inspired by Flower of Life’s mission and goals and their similarity to her own, Micheila decided to volunteer her time to support the organization, eventually evolving into the executive director position.

 Micheila’s personal background and beliefs, coupled with her professional and volunteer experience allows her to fulfill many roles within Flower of Life. She is currently marketing director for the group’s national conference, Awake and Empowered Expo, and takes an active role in Conscious Action, its activist arm. Micheila is an avid writer whose experience includes marketing, event planning, public relations, fundraising and sales, with specialized expertise in the environmental field.

 Micheila is a psychic intuitive and channel who is able to connect with her Spirit Guides, Teachers, Ascended Masters and Guardian Angels, as well as those of others. Micheila is primarily clairaudient and able to relay detailed angelic teachings about the soul's path and purpose that uplift and improve the quality of life. In conducting individual readings regarding relationships, personal challenges and career, she has experienced astoundingly accurate results. Micheila has the ability to channel a variety of beings, including extraterrestrials, and answer questions about our history, current challenges and where we are headed in the future.

I encourage everyone to check out Micheila on YouTube.

The Discussion 

  • Her spiritual healing
  • Her experience with channeling as a young child
  • Her work with the youth
  • Her channeling now, speaking, and various services

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