Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My Why

When I became a Beachbody coach I was asked to determine why I was doing it. That was easy, I love helping others become healthy naturally. At first I joined Herbal Life, they have all these amazing ways in which they help others become healthy. When I received my kit I was horrified to see the ingredients in the Healthy Meal nutritional shake.

The biggest thing that got me was it contained a soy product, corn product, and canola oil. Soy is 93% genetically mutated, corn 86%, and canola 90%, and none of them were listed as organic, or non-GMO. At first I thought no big deal the majority of the people I know eat GMOs, and think I'm crazy anyway. But, something inside me said NO, you can't do this. If they want to eat them that is fine, but I am not going to be their supplier.

Now when I looked at the ingredients in Shakeology I knew what the ingredients were. I was also impressed to see that an ingredient that is highly mutated was labeled as non-GMO. There are 70 ingredients that go into Shakeology, and I knew all but 5. Five out of 70! That is pretty dang good, I'm so impressed with this product, the ingredients, and how other countries are benefiting from it financially.

You can visit my page, free Shakeology sample to watch a video of all the ingredients in Shakeology, and what they do for you. Honestly I drank it once, but after seeing all the benefits I want to start drinking it every day. I personally thought it was just to lose weight, but it is so much more than that. This morning I read various posts from other coaches who have been relieved of anxiety, fibromyalgia, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, and PCOS. I'm sure there is more out there, but that is just what I came across looking for information for my daughter and some friends.

Here is some of what is being said about Shakeology.

From Letti on regarding PCOS

I started drinking Shakeology as part of my morning ritual beginning in January, and within one week I got my period for the first time since August. 

I quit drinking the Shakeology for about 6 weeks and found that, as I suspected, I didn’t menstruate and I wasn’t feeling well at all so I started drinking Shakeology again every day, and once again within a week I saw a return of my menstrual cycle.

 From Tia at Defyingfybromalgia as of March 2014 she has been free of fybromalgia symptoms for a year.

Aside from addressing “fibro fatigue”, it also helps tremendously with fibro fog, pain, and depression – to name a few.  Along with the Ultimate Reset and my fitness program (TURBOFIRE!), Shakeology has all but eradicated my symptoms.  But, without Shakeology, I truly don’t think I would have even been able to begin Turbo Jam or any cardio program.

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