Monday, January 13, 2014

Why Detox?

As I type this I am detoxing, why do I detox? Our world is so full of toxins, if you are eating GMOs (genetically mutant organisms) you are exposing your self to toxins. Even if you eat organic you are still exposed to toxins through the air, and soil. Ever see those lines in sky from planes? Those are chemtrails, and they are toxic. The image below shows a variety of chemtrails.

Photo credit for chemtrails
Our neighbor asked my husband about some white blotches on the leaves from his garden. My husband did some research and it turns out it is called acid tears, no not acid rain, but acid tears. Acid tears are not only damaging his garden, it also killed one of his trees.

Natural News is doing some testing on foods for heavy metals. It is shocking to see all the heavy metals that are in our food, and yes even organic. You can see for your self at this link. Check back often as he has just started this and we have noticed new items almost daily.

We also have the issue of trucks driving down our country roads spraying who knows what to control mosquitoes. I have an organic garden, well I'm trying to, I don't want them spraying that junk. Yes, I can tell them not to spray my house, but it will carry over. Just like your neighbors pesticide will carry over to your property. Chemicals know no bounds, not to mention the toxins spewed from the factories, and automobiles.  So, you see how toxic our world is.

While as one we can change the world we can do our part by educating others, doing our own research to discover the truth. Eat organic as much as possible, take supplements, and detox. There are many ways to detox however, many of them end up with you sitting on the pot, and can leave you feeling drained.

When my husband had mercury poison from the silver fillings in his teeth, his friend told him about the foot bath ionizer. After months of paying his friend for the treatment, he did some research and found one on Ebay, we have been using it ever since.

                                           This is the main part of the foot bath ionizer.

        This part plugs into the main part and then sits in the tub of water between your feet.

                    This also plugs into the main part and goes around your arm, it is a grounder.

   And this my friends is what my water looks like after I am done, a half hour, and a blog post.

Disgusting huh? The first time or two I didn't feel a difference, now I can feel when I need to detox. Well now that I'm done detoxing and ruined your appetite it's time to get some house work done.

Do you detox? If so with what, and do you notice a difference?

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  1. I take S-Acetyl Glutathione daily that helps the liver detox. I had never heard of the foot ionizer. That is very interesting. Thanks for sharing

  2. I have never detoxed. You cleared up some things about it. And wow, that water! Honestly, makes me think I should look into it! Have you heard of rinsing with coconut oil as a detox? That's something my sister just mentioned but I didn't research it much yet.

  3. Never heard of acid tears before, but it sure makes sense. I will be looking into the foot bath ionizer. Thanks for the info!

  4. I have never considered detoxing, but after reading your post and learning so much, I'm definitely going to look into the foot bath ionizer.

    Thanks so much for sharing on Turn It Up Tuesday!

  5. wow that is amazing! I am going to have to look into that! Thanks for linking up this week for MMM link up party! I hope you will come back and link up again! I try to always open the link up by Sunday evening and let it run throughout the week.