Thursday, October 31, 2013

Meal In A Bowl & Green House

 My husband cooked the last of our pork roast from the farmer in the crock pot. However, I was craving a potato with some gravy. Sooo what I did was use the broth from the roast to make some gravy. I cooked my potato, shredded some of the pork, and added that, oh I have some corn left over, throw that in, and add gravy. Ohhhhh this was sooo good, and filling.

 This is the shortest post I have ever written, but I'm going to throw in something random here.

We have been talking about building a green house for awhile now, well we started. My husband decided for various reasons to build right outside of our patio. Previous owner put these bricks in a space, but as you can see weeds were growing through the cracks. So, our first step was to get rid of the bricks. This was day one.

 Yesterday (Oct 30) day two we were able to get four holes dug, not easy, and three posts up along the two pretty pink supports (to be painted later.) The mosquetos thought we were a meal, and we stopped before getting the fourth post secured.

I have to say that the patio is undergoing a transformation at the same time. However, we feel a green house is more important at this time.


  1. Sounds delicious!

    I love the idea of a greenhouse.
    Hope you're having a great week!

  2. A real good use of leftovers that sounds and looks like a delicious meal. I always wanted a greenhouse. Glad your building one. Have a wonderful healthy weekend. Marla

  3. Hi Joyce
    Thanks for joining us this month for our November CLIMB blog hop. Angie and I are so happy to have you with us. This pork bowl looks wonderful and it's making me hungry.
    Sew Crafty Angel

  4. Making your own greenhouse is a pretty big project and you'll need plenty of potatoes and gravy to keep your strength up!

  5. Your meal in a bowl sounds delicious! Best wishes with your green house project! We've been working toward a greener home too. :)