Monday, September 9, 2013

Our Fall Garden

As I said this is our first year doing a fall garden. I have learned that there a large variety of vegetables that grow during the winter months here in the south. For instance we just planted some lettuce and found out that the seeds will not sprout if the ground is more than 80 degrees. Oh that is why our lettuce has not sprouted yet.

Up point is we do have seedlings of carrots and onions. Even though these are also winter vegetables they are still at risk for pests here in the south. Planting onions and carrots together will help to avoid both the onion fly, and the carrot fly. Wondering if the onions will keep the rabbits away from the carrots.

Other vegetables we are growing are cabbage, and Brussels sprouts. I am ordering cauliflower, broccoli, and spaghetti squash today from Mary's Heirloom seeds.  We will also be growing some peas which will do well here in Louisiana were it is rare that temperatures drop to freezing or below.We have some organic potatoes, I will let some start sprouting eyes, and then dry them before planting.

While  these vegetables are great to plant in Louisiana check your zone to see which vegetables you can grow during the fall.

Do you plant a fall garden?

We went out last Sunday and planted seeds, and lucky me ended up with a whole bunch of chigger bites. On the up side I still have some Eden Salve left, I bought a 2 oz tin last fall, and we have used it for mosquito bites, ant bites, and now chigger bites. This stuff is great, put it on at the first sign of a bite and it will not itch. Use on mosquito or ant bites at first signs, and the bite will not swell. If you would like to purchase some, please use the affiliate link located on the right for The Bulk Herb store.


  1. That is cool you have the option of doing a fall garden! I live in the north, so the snow takes over come late fall/winter.
    Thanks for sharing this at the hop, Joyce!

  2. I have featured YOUR post today!!!
    Thank you for sharing at Back to the Basics for Tuesdays with a Twist!
    Have a wonderful week!

  3. Hi Joyce,

    I subscribe to your blog and like it very much.

    I also do a no till garden and it sure is nice not to have to pull weeds. The trick to doing it right is to make sure your tree service chips are deep enough. I put it about 3" deep and it wasn't enough to keep the field grass from coming up. So I added another 4-6" and it worked. The veggies are so big and delicious. I do hand water once a week since we are 15" under normal rainfall this year in Or. Our str.bry. leaves froze solid last winter, but came back and produced a lot of berries. I am still getting a few this late. Many new pups for spring planting too.
    Can't say enough about this method. It sure works wonders for us. Expanded to a field and put in blue berries, asparagus and rhubarb all of which went well beyond what I expected. Hopefully next year fruit trees on trellis cables.
    Am not doing a Fall garden this year. Still have Swiss chard that will keep since the chips keep the ground well insulated. We may only need a row cover for coldest nights.
    I did purchase the Back to Eden CD and plan on showing it at our church. We have a community garden in the back lot. The extra food is donated to the food pantry in town.
    Thanks for sharing, Mrs. J.