Saturday, February 16, 2013

Growing Zucchini

Photo credit: It's Your Life

This is the first time I am growing zucchini from a seed, and as it started to sprout, it reminded me of Audrey 2 from the movie “Little Shop of Horrors,” so now that is her name. Like Audrey 2 I thought I was going to lose my first zucchini plant. I noticed the roots were growing up out of the soil, and had to adjust her two different times before she started sprouting.

My friend and fellow blogger Mary from Back to the Basics invited me to blog on her blog.  Read the rest of this over by Mary, and learn more about "Growing Zucchini" organically.  Oh and I also included some of my favorite Zucchini recipes.


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  5. Great job, Good you started early. You will have Zucchini all summer now. You'll be amazed how quickly they grow and take over your garden. The leaves are quite large.

    Visit my gardening site for tips: