Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cathe Friedrich Core Max

Cathe Hardcore Series:Core Max Workout DVD
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 Cathe Friedrich's Core Max is one of my favorite DVD work outs for the core and abs I own. There are three 20 minute work outs, watch the intro, or just go on to the workouts.

The first work out consists of just you and a floor mat. You start out with a lower back exercise than work your way through all three ab sections twice ending with planks, you can watch the sample below.

The second workout adds a stability ball again starting out with a lower back work out on the ball. You will work all areas of the core and abs, there are no planks with this one, watch the sample below.

Finally the last work out uses both a stability ball and an eight lb medicine ball. Once again you start out with a lower back exercise before working the entire core/abs. This one also does not include any planks watch the sample below.

You can choose to play each work out in its entirety or click on chapters to chose which exercise you want to start with. The chapters option will play through from which ever exercise you decide to start however each 20 minute routine is separate. If you want to just choose various exercises from each of the three routines you can select mix and match however, once again each routine is separated and would require you to play each specific exercise separately. Lastly you can choose premix which is broken down into three separate work outs, and combines exercises from all three routines.

The first routine in the premix is 22 minutes and called Balanced Core, next is Complete Core for 21 minutes, and than Tough Core for 18 minutes. I have never used the premixes, honestly this is the first time I have looked at them. Buttttt after viewing them I like that she has taken various exercises from each of the main routines to create something new. The Tough Core looks pretty intense, adding that to my exercise list for the day.

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 I want to add one more important thing, the cover of the DVD has been redone the one pictured above is the new one and. However, the one pictured on the right is the cover I have, so if you see this one you will know it is the same DVD discussed here.

How many Cathe' fans are out there? 


  1. I have so many workout DVD programs I could start my own store! Thank you very much for adding yet another program to my collection, LOL! Stopping by from Aloha Friday and I am now your newest follower! I love your blog and can't wait to read your next posts!

    The Serena Saga

  2. I have a nice collection, but not enough to open a store, who is your favorite? Thanks for the follow!!