Saturday, December 1, 2012

New Recipe Needs A Name

So, while I was in the process of getting my potassium levels back up I was eating foods rich with the ingredient. My choices for this new dish were/are tomato, avocado, and zucchini. I recently purchased some hemp oil I love this oil because not only do I use it for this dish, but I also use it in some of my homemade beauty products. While all of the ingredients are excellent for us, and loaded with many vitamins and minerals each one also contains other important elements as well.

I want to share with you some of things I like about each ingredient, but figure less is more, and you could easily research each one on your own.

Photo credit: It's Your Life
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      I Need a Name

         1 Tbsp of butter
         1 medium Zucchini
         1 Avocado
         1/2 large Tomato
         1 Tbsp Hemp Oil
            Celtic Sea Salt

Melt butter in pan while cutting Zucchini into
bite size pieces. Brown the Zucchini while pitting, and spooning out the Avocado. Cut up the tomato into bite size pieces. As the Avocado cooks it will soften keep breaking it up, and stirring until Zucchini is tender, and Avocado is softened. Remove from heat, and add Celtic Sea Salt to taste, stir in Hemp Oil and serve.

Makes either one big helping or two medium helpings, this cooks down more than the image shows. I was still cooking this down when I toke the picture. While my babies do not like this (not really babies) my husband and I enjoy it very much. For his lunch one day this went together with rich, and chicken.

Have an idea what this should be called? Please post suggestions, thank you.



  1. Thanks for the suggestion Alix, I was thinking along those lines also.